I had a pretty serious issue with the brakes on my car a while back.

It had started to make a horrible grinding noise when pressing the brake pedal.

Unknowingly, I was driving a car that – at any point – could have no functional way of stopping.

When I first heard the noise, instead of doing the right thing and calling the mechanic, I consulted Google, the ‘All-knowing’…

What a ‘mistaka to maka’ that was!

Google gave the usual mix of (completely unsupported) opinions.

On one site, ‘@CarMad72’ explained how he wasn’t going to pay for the mechanic to fix his brakes since his brakes were still working. – As were mine, but the grinding sound was getting worse.

Anyway, he ignored the sound his brakes were making and it turned out there was a small stone stuck in between the brake pads and the disc, it fell out at some point, and as if by magic…

…his brakes were silent again!

Regrettably, I chose to heed the advice of ‘@CarMad72 ‘.

“The symptoms all matched up…” I thought.

“If it’s worked for him, I’ll be fine too. Surely…”

Only a day or two later, another deeper, more bassy grinding noise had joined the consortium. So I took it down to the mechanic’s, grinding the whole way.

John the mechanic hit me with the bad news; ‘by delaying fixing the problem, I’d shot myself in the foot.’

The cost of the repair would have been around £400 less if I’d just consulted the professionals first.

Now, speaking from first-hand experience…

…Do the right thing. If your brakes are making odd noises, contact your mechanic.

Likewise, if your fire alarm is showing faults, call your maintenance provider.

The same applies to ignoring faults on a fire alarm, the consequences of leaving them can get worse if not dealt with immediately.

If you’re unsure about a fault, seek advice from professionals especially if it’s a life safety system, such as the brakes on your car, or the fire alarm in your building.

And if you have any queries about your fire alarm or anything in this post, you know where we are.

PS. Unfortunately, WFP can’t help with any car brake issues. However, here is Scott Wright, the resident petrolhead’s email scottwright@w-fp.co.uk. He’s always up for a bit of car talk…

That’s all from me, have a great weekend!

Stay Safe & Compliant,

Tom Patel
Head of Compliance
WFP Fire & Security
01277 622 932

Final Note: Ensure that all Fire Alarm works are up to date and to avoid the cost of the repair rising significantly. Here’s a link to our page on Fire Alarm Maintenance and what the best practice is to keep you and your fire alarm system safe and compliant.