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Your Fire & Security

Your safety matters, you deserve to be supported
by people who care about you and will help you
save money whilst retaining quality.

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Shop Fitter / Refurbishment

Thinking about working directly with an alarm company?

Do you love working with alarm companies?
Generally we find ourselves as a sub-contractor to the electrical company,
however sometimes it’s simpler to work directly with you.

Your problems

You are used to alarm companies
that are not helpful, pull off site
at the drop of a hat and don’t
work with you to solve problems

You are used to working with alarm
companies that expect you to bow
to their needs

You are used to a lack of flexibility
and when the disaster strikes on
your site and you need an engineer
to get back onsite


We don’t walk away

Help you by working
with you

You are the customer and
that’s how we treat you
(we ask you for feedback)

Our booking system is
flexible when you need
it to be

What this means to you

 You hit your deadlines and you learn from our support

 You look great in front of your customer

Our customers rely on our advice to make sure that the right system is selected to solve
their client’s problems, typically these are:

Helping you extend the fire alarm
system in your site, making sure the
correct components are selected and
made use of.

Acting as your trusted specialist
installer of fire detection
and alarm systems

Why WFP?

Professional, Personable, Caring, Responsive

The WFP All-In-One Service

One more thing that you will find really interesting and useful, is how much you can benefit from WFP working on all your
systems! We call this the WFP All-In-One Service.
WFP can work on the following systems, and if we work on more than one of them for you, you will benefit massively.

  • Fire Alarms BS5839 (Including Air Sampling and Gas Suppression)
  • CCTV
  • Door Entry
  • Dry & Wet Risers and Hydrants
  • Intruder Alarms (Burglar alarms)
  • Access Control
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire Extinguishers

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