Security Engineer

Security Engineers

If you have an understanding of security systems, are a hard worker and have a desire to constantly learn more, then this role might be right for you.

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Security Engineer

You see the BIGGER picture, you are a communicative, confident and a highly principled key player in our team, you just need to meet us…

Remuneration range:
£22-28K plus individual & team bonus schemes and plenty of available overtime

You'll love:

Being a trusted, valued and respected member of a team and not just a number in a big company

Working in an environment where your honest opinion really matters and is really wanted

The appreciation that our great customers will give when you deliver on what you and the team have promised

Never suffering from BIG-COMPANY-ITUS, we are not arrogant and value the choice that our customers make to use and recommend us because we do an outstanding job as a team.

You'll also like:

Fixing things – When you arrive on-site and the system is littered with faults and when you leave it's clear and back to its best, sometimes better!

Knowing the customer – Through your relationship, you’ll expect to be trusted to advise on improvements and upgrades, helping customers with suggestions on getting the best out of the system.

To be prepared – This is something that your experience tells you makes things a great deal easier on the day, you’ll expect a great team behind you providing support when you need it, not that you’ll need it too much!

Not cutting corners – Jobs have to be done properly, we, (like you), never cut corners, things are done properly, we don’t hide anything and we don’t blame each other, we learn from our experiences, even when things don’t go well.

You can see the BIGGER PICTURE, you know that its about long term service and reputation, playing the ‘security engineer’ part of a team of people that believe the team can deliver results bigger than the sum if its parts.


  • You are a happy person confident in your own skills as a security engineer
  • You are a realist and know that things don’t always go smoothly and enjoy using your own initiative to solve a problem
  • You’ll understand that early starts are required and you have the confidence that this will be understood by your team
  • Your work and home balance is something that you have under control and you enjoy the opportunity to earn as well as develop your skills
  • You are always prepared and self-sufficient and expect others to follow your example
  • You’ll want to share knowledge and learn from your team members

Previous experience

You’ll have many years of experience of how you can deliver great service to the customer.

Oh and the small matter of the technical….

You’ll have good experience in installing, maintaining and commissioning commercial fire/intruder/CCTV/access control systems. Knowing the mainstream manufacturers is important, however we know that you are willing to learn and enjoy new challenges.


Bottom Line

It's so important that we make the right decisions with our team members because we are looking for a security engineer who can enhance the team and play their part in delivering great service to our customers.

We start with a telephone interview, if we feel that you will fit with our ethos and culture and importantly you like the sound of us, then you’ll be invited in for an interview with Barry and the team.

Complete our form, you’ll then receive an email confirmation with more instructions (don’t forget to check your junk mail, just in case it gets caught) and we’ll contact you for a convenient time to talk. If the email doesn’t come through then contact us directly on

Our customers remember us for offering a different service to any others in the industry. They rely on us to make sure that the right system is selected to solve their problems, typically these are:

Helping to extend the fire alarm system in their site, making sure the correct components are selected and put to good use.

Training their engineers and staff onsite on the installation of systems

Being their trusted specialist installer of Fire & Security systems

Supporting them to help find the right Fire & Security system designed for themselves and/or their customers

Helping our customers engineers onsite with training and guidance
on the installation of Fire & Security systems

Supporting our customers, and their customers on their behalf, standing shoulder to shoulder with them when confronting problems

Why WFP?

Professional, Personable, Caring, Responsive

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