Meet the team

Meet the Team

Welcome to the Meet the Team page. Scroll down the page, get to know us all and feel free to get in touch with anyone of the team.

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As your problem solvers, we are always growing and growing fast, therefore we might not have all the team on the page right now, but don’t worry they will be added soon!

In 2018 WFP won Employer of the Year 2018 at the FSB East of England Awards for the support and training the team receive.

Paul WFP Managing Director

Paul F – Managing Director.

I’m Paul, and I dabble with pretty much everything! My passion is making people happy and I love hearing when we've done so!

I swim a mile most mornings and recently started meditating. I'm definitely feeling the benefits, the floating is yet to happen.

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Scott WFP Contracts Manager

Scott – Contracts Manager.

Hi, I'm Scott. I've been in the industry for more years than I can count on both hands, and before you ask, yes, I have the ordinary number of fingers and thumbs.

I have a passion for cars and could talk for hours about them, and if you have any new installation queries, I'm your man.

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Tom WFP Marketer

Tom – Marketer.

Hi, I’m Tom. Responsible for the marketing; emails, websites and branding. If you want to talk marketing, then I’m your guy.

I love watching and playing all sports. ‘Great shout’ is my catchphrase, so if you ever pop in to WFP Towers just listen out for that and you’ll find me…

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Julia WFP Accounts

Julia – Accountant.

Hi, Julia here. Numbers are my thing, I'm one of those rare breed that enjoy Maths... But it helps with what I do!

I love to travel the world and spent most of 2017 in pretty much any country other than the UK. If you have any accounts queries please let me know.

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Sam WFP Team

Sam – Service Desk Team.

Hi, Sam here! I send the engineers all over London and Essex and when needed am a part-time Sat Nav for the engineers too.

If you require an engineer on site, let me know, I may be able to jiggle a few things around for you.

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Paul WFP Engineer

Paul B – Engineer.

I'm Paul B; engineer in the WFP family. I'm multi-skilled and love working on more than one system at each site.

When I'm not servicing Fire & Security systems, I'm spending time with my wife and my three boys. Family, American Sports and Gaming are my fave!

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Taylor WFP Engineer

Taylor B – Engineer.

Hi there, I'm Taylor. My speciality is Emergency Lighting and I'm a great believer in continual professional development.

It has been said that my handwriting is near perfection and I'm sat at the top of the engineer's paperwork legibility leaderboard too.

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John L – Engineer.

I’m John and I've been working with WFP for over five years. I specialise in fire extinguishers; if you need technical support with yours, head my way.

I love spending time with my family on caravanning holidays and I volunteer at the local scouts too.

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Barry WFP General Manager

Barry – General Manager.

Hi, I’m Barry and I’m the general manager. I generally manage what goes on around here! I miss my days 'on-the-tools', so if you need me on site... No need to ask!

When I’m not at work, I’m working up a sweat in a Clubbercise class. - I tell people the Missus 'makes me'...

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Vicki WFP Head of Customer Service

Vicki L – Service Desk Team Leader.

Hi, I’m Vicki. I work with Sam and Alley, I create and send all the invoices, so if you’ve got any questions in that department, I’m your gal.

Outside of work, my passion is horses and I recently bought a house! 🙂 - It still feels weird saying that...

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Dave WFP Business Development

David – Business Development.

Hi, I'm David. The people's person. - I've worked in a number of industries and roles all customer focussed! I can help you keep your building's systems maintained.

Like Paul, I enjoy making people happy. Like Julia, I love travelling the world. And like everyone else here, I love a great chat! So, do get in touch!

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Alley WFP Team

Alley – Service Desk Team.

Alley here, I'm pretty technical and almost every week, get told I'd make a good engineer. Right now, I'm happy in the warm office, but some day I may be fixing the alarm system at your site.

Until then, let me know if you have any general queries, I'll be able to help.

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Chris WFP Engineer

Chris – Engineer.

Hi I'm Chris, an engineer here. I enjoy working on all Fire & Security systems and can help you with most technical support.

My faves are New Zealand, Football and My other half, Alley (above)! - Not in that order... (She'll probably read this)

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Greg WFP Engineer

Greg J – Engineer.

I'm Greg; one of the engineers here. I can help you with technical support and whatever else you need to make your alarms run smoothly.

You can usually find me pictured in the newsletters or handing out prizes. - Apparrently I have a great smile 🙂

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Imran WFP Engineer

Imran – Engineer.

I’m Imran, and I'm always trying to improve everything I do.

I love a good Costa Coffee, Costa Tea, Costa Sandwich. So if I've popped out for lunch you know where to find me. On my return, I'm filled with nearly as much enthusiasm as caffeine, so I'll be sure to leave you smiling!

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Lee WFP Engineer

Lee H – Engineer.

Hey! Lee here, I've been working with WFP for around 3 years. My area of expertise is fire extinguishers; so head this way if you've got issues with yours.

I've been British RC Boat Racing Champion 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017, and have beaten the current World Champion too! Aside from this, gym and car detailing are my top past times.

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