Senior Engineer

Bored of reading job roles?

You're in luck - this one's different, and if you end up as the Senior Engineer on our team, supporting our vision to become the UK's leading fire and security company, you'll see just why we're different.

Being a different kind of company is great, but it does mean it’s hard to find the ideal candidate – we need you to share our values as well as being your own person; it’s that diversity in views and experience that makes WFP what it is. 

If you’re successful, we’ll look after you – scout’s honour.


Full-time: Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00

Permanent role, available for an immediate start

Field-based role requiring travel around Essex, London & surrounding counties

You'll receive instruction from our Project Manager, Operations Manager and Technical Director

You'll be Grade 6 out of 7 in technical ability (see further down the page for more details) with at least 5 years' experience working as a fire and security engineer

A qualification in commissioning, maintenance, design, electrical engineering or customer care is desirable

You must be able to communicate at a high level as attending meetings with clients and demonstrating excellent customer care is part and parcel of your role

yoU'LL benefit From:

Salary starting between £30,000-£35,000 dependent on experience

Overtime available plus an on-call allowance

Approx. 20 training days, including access to leading courses run by the Fire Industry Association

29 days' annual holiday allowance, including statutory public holidays, plus your birthday off

Pension and company performance bonus

Engineers' incentive points system and 1% commission for lead generation

Joining company socials and team building days

Test equipment all provided

Work laptop & phone

Company van

Engineer smiling from van


To be a good fit for this role, you must be:


You’ve got to know what you’re good and not-so-good at, recognising areas you need to improve in. 

We’ll support you in your growth, and help you keep ahead of the technical and working practices curve through development opportunities.


You will be open to listening to colleagues and understanding their different points of view and ways of doing things.


You’ll be the person who gets back up when you get knocked down, dusts yourself off and comes back with a fresh approach, having learnt a lesson.

The job itself is to come into our team and fill the upper-middle engineering function. However, utilising your skills is not the main thing that is required – the WFP team need someone that wants to help the junior members of the team grow and fulfil their ambitions of progressing to your level. 


We love training, you will enjoy filling your working proficiencies to the max, and we will support any team member that wants to learn. 

You’ll want to learn and sharpen your skills, not just as an engineer but also in customer service, health and safety, plant usage and risk assessments. 

Any work related training will be seriously considered for funding and working time support. 


The technical stuff

WFP has assembled an extremely technical team of directors and managers, and this strength in depth means that you can have a deep and meaningful techy conversation with any member of the team. 

In this role, you will not be alone, and will get plenty of opportunities to swap stories about the memorable rhyme for resistors or the best intruder system in the market, and why Apollo XP95 is rock solid but getting on. 

All members of our team want to hear from each other and learn from individual experiences; this is what team work is all about!

As you’ll have already read, as a Senior Engineer you’ll be expected to have what we class as a Grade 6 technical ability. Here’s what that and all the other grades mean:

Grade 6: Senior Engineer Level

Be able to carry out any of the tasks required in Grade 1 up to Grade 5

Resolve more difficult and unusual technical challenges with limited support

Produce quotations and support others in quoting for remedial works as needed

Liaise with management to ensure the efficiency and smooth running of all projects

Oversee the workmanship of others and help improve quality standards through on-site auditing

Reporting to the Project Manager, Operations Manager and Technical Director on any training or operation issues

Grade 5: Commissioning Engineer

In addition to Grades 1-4, you can fully commission a system from new and existing

Have full understanding of relevant standards and how to identify less common design queries

Be fully conversant with products we use and have the ability to work on less common products through manuals and support

Grade 4: Service Technician

Can modify existing systems with written and verbal instructions

In addition to Grades 1-3, you can perform fault-finding tasks including fewer common faults with minimal support from higher grade engineers

Grade 3: Installation Engineer

In addition to Grades 1-2, you can carry out the installation of systems following drawings, system design proposals and verbal instructions

Grade 2: Maintenance Engineer

Perform maintenance on products we maintain

Have the ability to respond to a reactive fault and resolve common defects, with or without support

Grade 1: Trainee

Collect informatio for tasks to be carried out and resource data sheets on products being used

Obtain a full understanding of equipment used through verbal and written manuals and processes


We’re not one of these ‘fast growth’ unicorn type companies… 

Instead, we’re steadier and more sustainable, continuing to thrive and grow through two recessions and a pandemic, so the longevity and stability is there for all to see. 

Not only do we train our people really well, we’ll also bend over backwards to get you the work/life balance that’s right for you, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our employee experience.

You will be joining a team that has more positive reviews on Google than any comparable fire and security business in the UK, who’ve achieved by demonstrating our three key values:

Three women standing together smiling
1. Reliability

We operate a full Service Desk, currently with a team of four trained and effective customer service team members. 

We book appointments, we talk to our clients and discuss the best times, access and cover off any issues that we should be aware of. The Service Desk relationship with our engineers is personal; they don’t see you as a number and understand your own personal commitments so you know they’re working with you to make the job work for both the company and you, individually.

As such, because our customers rely on us for such important services and expertise, we’re looking for someone who doesn’t give up when the going gets rough, but rises to the challenge and knows the real meaning of the word ‘team’.

2. Honesty

Everything we do is with the intention of creating and sustaining long-term relationships with our customers, so honesty is crucial to us. 

We don’t just go on call-outs and take the cash. Where we can try to fix issues or provide technical support over the phone, we always do, instead of sending an engineer off to attend just so we can send out an invoice. Because of this dedication to support and offering sound advice, so customers can learn themselves how to properly manage their systems, too – we save our customer base, on average, £6,000 per month!

So, as a Senior Engineer on our team, you’ve got to be confident in your technical and customer service abilities as you’ll often be asked to offer your expertise and walk through problems with our customers. Equally, if they need help beyond the means of a phone call, you’ll need to be ready to hop in the van!

3. Professionalism

Your professionalism is key to our success. The team operate as a whole and rely on each other to fulfil their part of the job. 

Let’s face it: this business is far from easy, but it is so easy to make a mistake, which can put our customers in vulnerable circumstances. That’s why we have robust and strong processes to prevent most of the pitfalls – these are still growing and adapting, and need your professional input.


Muppets need not apply, sorry Kermit.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read and think you’ve got what it takes, please send a copy of your CV and a note as to why you think you’re right for the role to, and we’ll be in touch!

Thank you for showing an interest in this position, and good luck!