• You have moved to a new premises and require a new intruder alarm installed for peace of mind and to meet insurance requirements.
    • Your business or commercial building contains highly sensitive and/or expensive products, which requires protection against theft and damage.
    • You have recently experienced a burglary or intrusion and would like to implement a suitable level of protection to prevent it happening again.
    • Your current intruder alarm has been faulty, e.g. too many false alarms, and you need an honest opinion regarding a repair or upgrade.
    • You’ve had, or are planning to have, a renovation or extension, and will need your current system reviewed and potentially adjusted.

    We know that you’ve worked hard to build your business, so the last thing that you want is to leave your investment exposed to the threat of burglary or other forms of criminal activity. WFP experts will accurately assess your needs to provide you with an intruder alarm system you can rely on.  


    • A professional survey, design and installation that is suitable for your property, business needs and occupancy.
    • The knowledge and competency of a reputable security alarm company to carry out the installation.
    • An ongoing maintenance contract following successful installation to ensure lifetime efficiency.
    • The installation of intruder alarm monitoring to notify the police in the event of alarm activation.
    • Staff or nominated persons on-site who are trained on the alarm’s basic functions.  

    As a security specialist, WFP understands the importance of fortifying a premises against unwanted intrusions.

    Failing to take adequate measures can leave a business massively out of pocket due to lost stock or equipment, whilst also resulting in an insurance claim being dismissed. Whether your commercial premises is small or large, here is the procedure WFP professionals will follow for your intruder alarm installation:

    Site Survey: Following your enquiry, your building(s) will need to be evaluated to determine the level of security protection you require. A risk assessment will also be carried out to establish how likely you are to experience an intrusion due to the nature of your business, which will influence the level of cover you need.

    System Design: WFP will then create a system design that’s compatible with your building’s specification and business’s needs. You’ll be presented with a quotation and recommendation that is best suited for you and your premises.

    Installation: Once you’ve given us the go-ahead, WFP will schedule in the installation works with you and the engineers will get to work!

    Commissioning: Once the installation is complete, we will commission the system to ensure it is operationally sound and compatible with the initial design.  

    Certification: This is the last phase of your intruder alarm installation. Once WFP engineers are happy (and you’re happy!) with the work carried out, you will be provided with a certificate of completion.  

    Maintenance: Your intruder alarm system is now in place! We’ll see you for your maintenance visits every six months (or every year, depending on your needs) to ensure your system is working as efficiently as it did when first installed. Should you need support in-between visits, we’ll be on the end of the phone 24/7 with the option of a call-out if needed.


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    WFP experts know that no two buildings are the same, and always take the time to carefully evaluate a premises’ needs.

    You will get a quote based on what you need. You’ll meet your insurance requirements and you may even decrease your insurance costs!

    WFP Fire & Security is a specialist in installing and maintaining a variety of safety solutions, so you can work with the same company to install your fire and intruder alarms.

    You’ll save time and money by choosing WFP as your ‘All-in-One’ provider.

    WFP specialists are dedicated to delivering a fast, effective service with minimal disruption.

    You’ll get a service that fits in with your schedule. Plus, if you’re having technical problems, we try to help over the phone to save you the cost of an engineer’s call-out.

    The All-in-One Solution

    Do you have multiple fire detection and safety solutions in place? Perhaps you have an intruder alarm, a fire detection alarm system and CCTV within your building? We offer a comprehensive All-in-One service, which we tailor to the products and systems you have in place.

    How your business could benefit from an All-in-One Service:

    • WFP Bullet Full protection – always safe and legally compliant

    • WFP Bullet Less paperwork – only one contract and one renewal

    • WFP Bullet One number to call – less to worry about with one trusted team

    • WFP Bullet Time and energy efficient – systems can be dealt with on the same visit

    • WFP Bullet Best value for money – a built-in discount with the option to pay monthly

    • WFP Bullet 24/7 support - expert advice on the end of the phone at no extra cost

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    SSAIB Security Accreditation

    This SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accreditation demonstrates that WFP Fire & Security is independently audited by the leading certification body for security system services.

    By choosing us to install and/or maintain your commercial intruder alarm system, you are trusting competent specialists who will provide you with a reliable security solution.

    • Areas we cover

      WFP Fire & Security serves businesses and commercial premises within Essex, London and the Home Counties across East Anglia and the South East of England.

      With our hometown being in Stock, Essex, we’re perfectly positioned for our customers based in areas such as Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Central London. For the right project, we will cover further afield. Get in touch today to find out if we cover your location.

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