• Your business holds sensitive or valuable information or materials, which requires added security to ensure only authorised personnel can enter.
    • Your building is located on a remote site which is left vacant during non-working hours, which requires protection.
    • Your business or commercial building is very large or comprises many segmented areas, e.g. a warehouse or factory, and you would like to enable remote access permissions at the gate for visitors.

    Gate access, and other forms of access control, provides an extra level of protection for your business against intruders, keeping your staff, building and stock safe from theft and/or criminal damage. WFP experts work with you to ensure you’ve got the most suitable solution for your premises.


    • A professional survey and installation by a competent and reputable security company.
    • An ongoing maintenance contract with a trusted team to ensure the system and gates are working efficiently.
    • Gate access as a complementary security solution for your business in addition to an intruder alarm and/or CCTV.

    Gate access systems are a form of access control, which can act as a visual and physical deterrent to potential intruders, whilst also actively prohibiting access.

    A gate access control system is usually implemented with a code-entering feature or card reader, enabling authorised persons to enter the code or swipe their card for access. Those who are not authorised, for example with deliveries, they will be required to identify themselves through the use of a voice and/or video intercom before being granted access.

    As specialist maintenance providers, WFP can organise the installation, servicing and repairs of the access control system, as well as the gate or barriers themselves. We start off with a site survey before giving you our best recommendation and getting to work on providing you with an ample level of protection for your premises.

    Many businesses use a gate access system in addition to other complementary security solutions, such as CCTV and an intruder alarm. The requirement to implement all of these systems will depend on the complexity, size, occupancy and vulnerability of your building.


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    How Can WFP Solve Your Problems?


    WFP experts tailor all installations and maintenance contracts to individual needs.

    You will get a quote based on your needs from experts who have a vested interest in your security.


    You will have free, unlimited telephone support with your chosen maintenance package.

    You’ll save on the cost of an unnecessary call-out if we can solve a technical issue remotely.


    WFP Fire & Security installs and maintains a variety of solutions, such as CCTV, which is often used to complement gate access control.

    You’ll save time and money by choosing WFP as your ‘All-in-One’ provider.

    The All-in-One Solution

    Do you have multiple fire detection and safety solutions in place? Perhaps you have an intruder alarm, a fire detection alarm system and CCTV within your building? We offer a comprehensive All-in-One service, which we tailor to the products and systems you have in place.

    How your business could benefit from an All-in-One Service:

    • WFP Bullet Full protection – always safe and legally compliant

    • WFP Bullet Less paperwork – only one contract and one renewal

    • WFP Bullet One number to call – less to worry about with one trusted team

    • WFP Bullet Time and energy efficient – systems can be dealt with on the same visit

    • WFP Bullet Best value for money – a built-in discount with the option to pay monthly

    • WFP Bullet 24/7 support - expert advice on the end of the phone at no extra cost

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    SSAIB Security Accreditation

    This SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accreditation demonstrates that WFP Fire & Security is independently audited by the leading certification body for security system services.

    By choosing us to install and/or maintain your commercial intruder alarm system, you are trusting competent specialists who will provide you with a reliable security solution.

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