Do You Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 specifies that all non-domestic premises employing five or more people must have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a ‘Responsible Person’, which is reviewed regularly – ideally once a year and immediately following any structural building changes.

Following the assessment, your report will summarise the extent of all fire hazards and the precautions in place to defend against these hazards. If your premises requires improvements, these will be detailed for you to take action. If you fail to carry out these improvements then you can be held accountable for being non-compliant with UK Fire Safety Law. 

It is best practice to have a professional Fire Risk Assessor carry out your assessment, as a specialist will have the relevant experience and understand what they are looking for, whilst a site manager will not be impartial and have the necessary knowledge of fire safety limitations, and the actions needed.  


  1. Have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a professional, which is reflective of your building’s current state.
  2. Carry out the recommended works needed to keep your building safe and compliant with UK Fire Safety Law.
  3. Designate a person on site who understands how to use the fire safety equipment, e.g. the fire alarm system.
  4. Implement an emergency fire evacuation plan and provide fire safety training for nominated staff members.

You Need a Fire Risk Assessment Because:

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