• Your insurance provider requires you to implement it.
    • You want to protect your building when no one is there, e.g. overnight and during weekends.
    • You want complete control over your commercial premises’ fire safety strategy.

    Fire alarm monitoring is a vital aspect of your fire safety strategy, as if your fire alarm activates but no one is around to hear it and call the fire brigade, this will allow time for the fire to spread, and increase the likelihood of loss and damage.   


    • WFP Fire & Security will install a monitoring device during your fire alarm installation or when taking over the maintenance of your existing fire alarm.
    • You can tailor the monitoring response to suit you, i.e. set the response to alert the fire brigade first or a nominated keyholder first.
    • As your maintenance contractor, we’ll make sure the signal between your alarm and the alarm receiving centre is always working efficiently.
    • In the event a fire does break out, you will have an immediate response set up and, should you need to make an insurance claim, you will be more likely to have it accepted.

    Fire alarm monitoring is the connection set up between your alarm system and an alarm receiving centre, which communicates a signal in the event the alarm is activated.

    Businesses which are classed as high-risk, for instance a residential care home, are required to have monitoring set up for an immediate fire brigade response.

    Lower-risk businesses which employ fire alarm monitoring may choose between an immediate emergency response and alerting a keyholder first to determine if the fire brigade does need to be called. You will also receive a notification if there is a problem, meaning that you can get to your premises before or at the same time as the fire brigade to aid procedures.

    Popular brands in the monitoring market include CSL Dualcom, Emizon and Redcare (BT). Dual path monitoring is the preferred method of alarm monitoring whereby two channels are used to communicate a signal – one landline and one cellular – giving you a 100% guarantee that the system will call the fire brigade instantly.


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    WFP experts will assess your monitoring needs and recommend the best product to do the job based on your business needs and budget.  

    Your reliable fire alarm system will be complemented by a fast response, should it be activated, that mirrors your needs exactly.

    WFP Fire & Security will incorporate the servicing of your alarm system with the servicing of your monitoring device to ensure optimal performance for your remote signalling.

    You can trust that your monitoring device will not let you down in the event a fire breaks out.

    If you have an intruder alarm in addition to a fire alarm, WFP specialists can link a monitoring device to both systems, triggering a response depending on which alarm is activated.

    You’ll have a cost-effective solution and total control with your business’s fire and security monitoring strategy.

    The All-in-One Solution

    Do you have multiple fire detection and safety solutions in place? Perhaps you have an intruder alarm, a fire detection alarm system and CCTV within your building? We offer a comprehensive All-in-One service, which we tailor to the products and systems you have in place.

    How your business could benefit from an All-in-One Service:

    • WFP Bullet Full protection – always safe and legally compliant

    • WFP Bullet Less paperwork – only one contract and one renewal

    • WFP Bullet One number to call – less to worry about with one trusted team

    • WFP Bullet Time and energy efficient – systems can be dealt with on the same visit

    • WFP Bullet Best value for money – a built-in discount with the option to pay monthly

    • WFP Bullet 24/7 support - expert advice on the end of the phone at no extra cost

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    BAFE Fire Safety Accreditation

    This BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) accreditation demonstrates that WFP Fire & Security passes frequent inspections and are regulated by the leading fire safety register in the UK.

    By choosing us to install and/or maintain your commercial fire alarm system, you are trusting competent specialists who will ensure you comply with UK Fire Safety Law.

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