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Is your business or commercial building compliant with UK Fire Safety Law? With a competent specialist, you’ll keep your building and your people safe and legally compliant.

When it comes to fire alarm equipment, servicing and maintenance is every bit as important as the installation. And, as the business owner, it’s your legal obligation to implement fire alarm maintenance.

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Your fire alarm is your building’s life safety system, and as such you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a reliable team on hand to support you. Well, you’ve found us! As well as our years of experience catering to the needs of a diverse range of commercial customers, we’re BAFE SP203 accredited and are the highest rated fire safety professionals in our area. Continue down the page to learn more about fire alarm maintenance and how we’ll reward you when you choose us.

There are plenty of reasons why you’ve landed on this page today…maybe:

You've just bought, started renting or taken over the management of a premises which has a fire alarm needing a maintenance contract

You've been notified via the Fire Brigade or a Fire Risk Assessor that you are in breach of fire safety regulations and need six-monthly fire alarm maintenance in place

You're frustrated about experiencing poor service from your existing fire alarm maintenance provider and want the support of a REAL team

You're considering switching to another provider as you're approaching your renewal date and are seeking value for money've been referred to us after hearing how you can benefit from consolidating your fire, security and electrical servicing with one provider

From our initial requirements - to put right some challenging historical problems when we moved in - through to regular maintenance, upgrades and occasional fault finding, I have always received a prompt, professional and proactive service. It is great to be able to work with a company with the technical knowledge and can-do attitude like WFP to enable us to focus on our core business.

- Paul Bleck, Managing Director at Bartech Marine Engineering



Dental Practices



Retail Stores

And many more!

At WFP, we understand that no two buildings are the same. Our customer base is pretty diverse and above are some of the biggest commercial sectors we cater to. We also work with a number of property and facilities management companies, helping them to fulfil their clients’ fire safety requirements. Let’s get started in keeping your people safe and your premises legally compliant!

What exactly is fire alarm maintenance?

If you aren’t servicing your fire alarm, how do you know they’re actually protecting your building and the people inside it?

Legally, you’re obliged to have your fire alarm system serviced/maintained at least once every six months (check out the British Standards, specifically BS 5839-1: 2017 for more info).

If you don’t know a fire is happening, how can you facilitate safe, quick evacuation?

With regular servicing by a competent and accredited specialist, you can be sure that your fire detection system is working in line with current regulatory standards (but if it’s not, we’ll fix it!) so it’ll be a life-saver when you need it most. That’s why a fire alarm is often referred to as a ‘life safety system’.

Fire alarm engineer using a smoke pole to test a smoke detector during fire alarm maintenance

The 4 stages of your fire alarm maintenance:


When you enquire, we'll listen to your needs and requirements so we can gather the information we need to put together the best bespoke plan for you.

However, before we put together an accurate proposal and quotation, we will most likely need to carry out a site survey to take a look at your fire alarm and all of the devices which make up your system. Sometimes (if you have, for instance, a device list of all the manual call points and detectors in your building) we can do this without visitation, but a site survey is usually recommended.

And don't worry, all visits will be carried out socially distanced and with the use of face masks, along with taking into account your individual needs for health and safety. If you would like to see a copy of our Customer Care & Contingency Plan prior to your site survey, do let us know!

BUDGET BETTER & pay monthly!

Enjoy peace of mind with a better way to budget by paying monthly for your fire alarm maintenance. 

It would simply be the cost of a 1 year subscription divided by 12 months – super simple! You can even opt to fix your subscription price for 3 or 5 years – a great way to break down your payments into manageable chunks whilst making sure you never miss a maintenance service.


Now it's time to book your service! Your fire alarm maintenance is usually split into two visits per year - a major and a minor visit. (Your Fire Risk Assessment will stipulate if you are required a maintenance visit more frequently than every six months. If you need a Fire Risk Assessment, let us know and we can help with this as well!)

The major visit will test EVERYTHING that makes up your fire alarm system whilst a minor visit will just test one device on each loop (i.e. your circuit of devices within particular zone). Here's what your engineer will assess:

STEP 3: Your Report

Following your visit, we'll issue you with an engineer's report (which can also be used as a certificate of proof you've had fire alarm maintenance) for your records, which will also tell you if any remedial works are needed to take action on.

Should you require any part replacements or further engineering work on your fire alarm, we'll provide you with a quotation and plan of action to do this (unless parts and labour are included as part of your maintenance package).

If there are no recommendations then we'll see you again for your next maintenance visit, which we'll remind you about closer to the time.

The great perk about using WFP is that we're super efficient and can service multiple fire safety and security equipment during one visit. So, if you've got emergency lighting and an intruder alarm, for instance, you won't need to schedule separate visits causing potential disruption or further costs.

Save time & money with a spares pack!

Sometimes during a maintenance visit, your engineer will identify that a device might need changing due to damage, wear-and-tear or age.

By having a spares pack on-site which are bespoke to your system, should this happen, the device (such as a detector, sounder or manual call point) can be quickly switched out without the need to wait or fork out for another attendance. A pretty ingenious idea!


All of our maintenance packages come with free technical telephone support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as a standard.

This helps our customer base save THOUSANDS of £££s every year. Unlike many companies who jump at the chance to get an engineer to hop in a van for a chargeable visit, we believe in maintaining long relationships with our customers which are built on trust.

So, if it's something we can diagnose and guide you through either on the phone or via a video call (our Technical Team are used to popping on FaceTime these days!) then we will - at absolutely no cost to you.

But don't fret, if it's not something which can be done over the phone or ought only to be done by a competent specialist, we'll head straight out to you!

Enjoy £50 worth of gifts For you and a friend!

If you sign up as a maintenance customer and refer us to a friend who also signs up with us, you’ll both receive a gift worth £25! 

Choose from an Amazon gift card, a donation to charity or a credit to your account with us to go towards your future maintenance services. So, if you keep referring, you can keep saving!


Some alarm system service providers operate on a ‘closed protocol’ basis, which means only they can touch the alarm for things like repairs, maintenance and system expansions. 

This can be a trap which people unknowingly fall into, thereby having no choice but to stick with them, even if they weren’t happy with the level of service and wanted to switch providers.

At WFP, customer happiness and quality of service is at the top of our priority list. So, we figured ‘why deceive and lock people in?’ If you ever want to move on to another maintenance service provider to service your alarm then you can. The vast majority do stick with us but you’re definitely not tied down!


Each of the below packages represents a level of support. It’s simple: the higher the level of protection you choose, the more you’ll get for your money. Our maintenance experts can help you choose what’s best for your building’s needs.

Chart showing fire alarm maintenance options

Worried about invalidating your warranty by switching providers?

Don’t be! If your current fire alarm maintenance provider is letting you down but you’re worried that switching could invalidate a warranty following a recent installation, pass that burden our way. 

At WFP, we offer secondary warranties on parts for fire alarm systems that weren’t originally installed by us. That means you can enjoy a better provider, a better product if you need something new, and a replacement if anything every goes wrong. Don’t settle for poor service, switch to a provider that will take care of you!

PLUS, if you’re a maintenance customer and need a system upgrade or a new fire alarm installed at a new site, we’ll not only provide you with a BAFE approved fire alarm design free of charge (worth £1,800-£2,500 depending on the size of your site), but you’ll also enjoy a 5-year parts-and-labour inclusive warranty for your installation!


At WFP, we’re all about building long-standing relationships.

We’ve been maintaining, repairing and installing fire alarm systems since 2003, with many of our customers having stayed with us since day one!

From 24/7 telephone support, training video calls and fast call-outs to savvy ways to help you save while you stay safe and compliant – such as offering spares packs, pay-monthly options, free designs for new systems and extended warranties – we’re more than just your simple fire alarm maintenance provider who turns up every six month to test your system.

Check out the video to the right to see why our customers choose us time and time again, or hit the buttons below to view our reviews.

Paul Field, Founding Director, in a van
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We're consistently rated 5 stars!

YOUR All-in-One MAINTENANCE Solution

Bring all your fire, security, CCTV and electrical needs under one roof with our comprehensive and tailored ‘All-in-One’ maintenance solution. It’s smart and simple!

Here’s how you and your business will benefit:


Forget juggling multiple providers with one trusted team!


Always stay safe and compliant with us, as we'll remind you well in advance when visits are due.


Fewer engineer visits mean less inconvenience for you and a reduced carbon footprint!


Enjoy flexible maintenance packages built to your needs, spares packs & the option to pay monthly.


Cut paperwork with just one contract and renewal for everything.


Got a question or need technical support? We're on hand for all of your needs 24/7, 365!

If you’d like to simplify and reap the benefits, we should talk. Click the button below to send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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We’re third-party certified for your peace of mind!

That means we’re regulated and inspected so you can trust that you’re getting the support you need from accredited specialists who consistently pass quality checks.

Looking after fire alarms and fire safety equipment is second nature to us. We’ve been shortlisted for national awards such as the London Construction Awards for our fire alarm installation projects, and as a member of the FIA, you can also trust that our team is thoroughly trained and up-to-date on all industry standards.


Serving businesses and commercial buildings within Essex, London and the Home Counties, across East Anglia and the South East of England.

Based in Stock in Essex, we’re perfectly poised to help customers in a wide area, from Suffolk and Norfolk to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and even Central London. 

If you’re a little further afield, try us anyway! You never know where we might go, so get in touch and find out if there’s a chance we could cover your location too.


Contact us today to book your survey or to find out more about how we can help protect your business. Whether you’re looking for a repair, upgrade, installation or maintenance provider, we look forward to showing you what WFP can do. Simply fill out this contact form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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