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The Fire & Security industry is riddled with confusing info. Here at WFP, we receive heaps of questions all the time and have compiled a few of the hot topics here for you to use as a resource and reference. Feel free to ask if you have unanswered questions still.

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Fire Alarm Panel

Fire Alarm - FAQs

If you're a contracted client of WFP's, you're entitled to free advanced technical support over the phone during working hours. This often means that a fix can be walked through over the phone to avoid sending an engineer out to site. Each year this service saves our clients heaps of money, but above all else, they save bundles of time!

On these advanced technical support calls, our team get asked a number of questions. Some of which could be explained and answered here. So here's a few on Fire Alarm Systems and our answers to these too. Enjoy!


Fire Safety in HMOs - FAQs

Many of WFPs clients include HMOs and each of these really genuinely care about the Fire Safety in their buildings and care for the fire safety of their tenants.

As a result of which, here at WFP, we receive bundles of questions from these HMO owners that genuinely care, asking: "What should I do if 'X' happens?", "Who's responsibility is 'Y'?" or "How much is 'Z' likely to cost?"

Find our answers and more on the 'Fire Safety in HMOs - FAQs'. The orange button below will take you there.

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