Thermal imaging and testing is a life-saving, fault-finding solution.

Most electrical faults are caused by overheating due to loose connections or overloading, which can lead to fires.

As part of your commercial building’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), Thermal Testing can help you identify existing faults and foresee future potential problems in your electrical installation.

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3 Benefits of Electrical Thermal Testing

Electrical faults and failures can result in business downtime and data loss – the worst case scenario is someone gets hurt. Here are three ways you’ll benefit by getting Thermal Testing carried out in your commercial premises:

1. Identify Faults

Have a competent specialist carry out thermal testing of your electrical installation periodically (we recommend every year) to identify high levels of heat causing faults in your electrical installation

2. Prevent Fires

Thermal imaging can also help detect faults before they happen, as much as 6 months to a year in advance! Knowing this can help you keep your people and your premises safe from the threat of an electrical fire

3. Plan Diligently

By incorporating thermal imaging as part of your building's routine maintenance, required repairs can be planned for well ahead of time, helping you to avoid unwanted surprises which could strain your budget

What is Thermal Testing & Why Do I Need It?

Ever wanted the power of a crystal ball? With Thermal Imaging, or Thermography, you can. 

This resource is indispensable for your business as it finds electrical faults in your building which are invisible to the naked eye, and can even predict future faults 6 months to a year before they happen!

The way this technology does it is by looking at the heat given off by way of infra red (IR) energy waves. Check this image out to the right – you can that there’s red patches in the middle of the screen indicating there’s overheating in the panel it’s pointing at. This would then prompt further investigation and corrective action to be taken.

Many building managers opt to have Thermal Testing as part of their Fixed Wire Testing (EICR). It’s not a requirement to have Thermal Testing, but it is a requirement, as per the Electricity at Work Act 1974, to have systems maintained to prevent death or injury from electrical causes. And Thermal Testing, along with your Fixed Wire Testing, is your resource to help you do this.

What happens during thermal testing?

Compared to Fixed Wire Testing, which gives you your Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), and is typically required every 5 years (depending on your building), Thermal Testing is a complementary measure that can be used to identify faults, both existing and those which haven’t fully materialised. 

Thermal Testing is non-invasive because it only requires pointing a camera at a given area. It should be done when the building is at it’s busiest (i.e. when there’s the most amount of electricity being used) to get an accurate reading of the extent of any electrical damage (or pending problems). 

Fixed Wire Testing, by contract, should have all the electricity shut off and is pretty invasive, plus a big part of it involves visual inspections, and signs of overheating are not always obvious enough to be visible.

The following can be detected during your Thermal Testing visit:

  • Corrosion
  • Circuit overloads
  • Loose connections
  • Phase imbalances
  • High resistances in fuses

We advise Thermal Testing is carried out every year to help identify problems as soon as they happen and avoid letting faults fester.

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