When the lights go out, what will guide you to safety?

Emergency lights! As your trusted fire, security and electrical team, we're here to keep you and your people safe and above board with reliable emergency lighting installations, repairs and servicing.

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Stay Safe & Compliant in 3 Easy Steps

Emergency lights are your saving grace when main power supply fails and normal lights stop working. Sometimes it’s because of a simply power cut and sometimes it’s because there’s a life-threatening emergency, like a fire. In those moments, you and everyone in your building needs to be able to see their way to safety. That’s why emergency lights are so crucial! Here’s how to stay safe and legally compliant:

1. Get Emergency Lighting Installed

Trust experts (i.e. us!) to design, install and commission your emergency lights. Not sure if you need emergency lights? Refer to your Fire Risk Assessment

2. Keep up with annual services

Annual testing (also referred to as servicing or maintenance) is required by a competent specialist to make sure your lights last for 3 hours in the event of an emergency

3. Carry out monthly flick tests

Between service visits, you/your Responsible Person should also check the emergency lights turn on by temporarily switching off the mains power supply to the lighting unit

What are Emergency Lights & Why Do I Need Them?

Emergency lights are your back-up source of light, there to guide you to exits so you can safely evacuate and aren’t plunged into darkness. 

It’s a requirement in all non-domestic premises to provide adequate lighting for an illuminated route of escape, but a Fire Risk Assessment of your building (we can do this for you!) will be able to tell you if it’s needed or not by looking at, for example, the footfall of your building and whether it’s occupied at night.

Then it’s a case of surveying your building and going through the design stage. Once you’ve got your emergency lights installed, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance (typically annually) and to keep on top of any repairs if you find it stops working when you carry out your monthly flick test. 

Your emergency lights need to last for 3 hours (unlike most places in Europe which only requires 1 hour) to satisfy British Standards.

Corridor with a fire exit green sign and emergency lights


As an employer and commercial building manager, you’re legally required to comply with a number of regulations designed to protect your building occupants, including employees to visitors and customers, against health and safety risks.

Below are the laws and regulations you ought to be aware of relating to emergency lights. In addition to these, the British Standards BS 5266-1 is the umbrella standard which outlines the code of practice for emergency lights (but don’t worry about that too much, that’s for us to know as the experts on how best to design, install and maintain your lights).

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

This legislation specifies what you need to do as the ‘Responsible Person’ to reduce the risk of fire and ensure that people are able to safely escape if there is a fire.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

This law outlines the responsibilities of both employers and employees “to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons at work”, including providing sufficient emergency lighting.

Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

This talks about risks and how employers ought to assess and manage posed safety risks, with emergency lighting being specified as offering a guided route to safety.

Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992

This talks about the importance of maintaining systems and equipment in your premises, stating they must be “in efficient working order and in good repair”.

We're compliance nerds, here to keep you above board

Providing adequate emergency lighting in your non-domestic premises is one of those things you’ve got to do to satisfy health and safety requirements.

But you do get a say in who you get to look after this for you. 

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