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Table of Duties for the Responsible Person

There's a lot more to fire safety than calling in a certified contractor to carry out the necessary service visits.

With the official document, BS 5839 being well over 100 pages long, crammed full of information, it'll take you a while to get through the whole thing.

So to help with this, we've dissected the British Standard to pull out the parts that you really need to know and duties you must carry out. These have all been put into this 'straight-to-the-point' table outlining exactly what is required from you. Grab yours here today...

Domestic Detectors Downloadable guide

Are you managing a House of Multiples Occupants (HMO)? Or perhaps you are the landlord for a residential property.

As the responsible person, it is your duty to ensure that amongst other things, the correct detectors and number of detectors are used in the correct areas and for the correct reasons. If you would like to know more about what the law says should be where and why, have a read of this short guide.

Multi-tenanted building alarms –
who’s managing them

You are managing a building with multiple tenants, who all want different
things from, however how to you manage your ‘house’ alarm system?
Is insisting upon the use of your ‘preferred’ contractor enough? What
about the co-ordination of drawings and cause and effects, the quality of
installation and more importantly what you as the management will be left
with after the tenant has moved on?

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