• Identify trends in movement and production by being able to search through hours of HD footage in seconds.
    • Provide real-time intelligence to aid in visually training the team and improve response times for problem-solving.
    • Save money on increased productivity utilising Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) whereby the technology learns typical movements, thus enabling it to detect any unusual activities.
    • Select multiple views via single cameras to track a process point-by-point, giving you complete control.

    Surveillance technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, and with the use of intelligent, analytic CCTV, businesses – particularly those within manufacturing industries – are seeing increased productivity, resulting in an increased turnover of product and capital. Analytic CCTV systems on the market today can pay for themselves in months.


    • Reliable and intelligent analytic CCTV technology, installed by professionals who design and implement the use of cameras in the most suitable and strategic way for your building.
    • Staff who feel confident using the computer software or mobile app (if applicable) to play back recordings and access footage on-the-go.
    • Ongoing maintenance (typically on an annual basis) to ensure your cameras are working efficiently, and that playback remains both clear and quick to load.

    Every business manager or owner recognises that sometimes things can go wrong. But without being able to quickly identify problems and implement solutions, your business can suffer due to lost time and money.

    Whether you’re looking to analyse footfall within a retail environment or monitor a production line within a factory, analytic CCTV offers a huge scope for increased control and productivity.

    Your account will tell you about the power of 1%. By saving 1%, improving productivity by 1% or increasing prices by 1% – or all three – your business’s turnover and overall efficiency can vastly improve. Imagine if you increased that to 10% or beyond? You would be:

    • More competitive than your rivals
    • More efficient than your competitors
    • More innovative to keep a hold of your customers
    • More likely to win more business
    • More profitable to invest in your business and people

    Who knew that installing smart cameras could do all of that? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then speak to us today about upgrading your current CCTV system or installing analytic CCTV within your building.


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    WFP specialists will first take the time and care to assess your building’s needs with a technical  site survey before giving you the most suitable recommendations for your premises.

    You will get a quote and design based on your needs, not what your needs ought to be – simple!

    The system WFP recommends (Avigilon) has high processing power and have auto-focusing capabilities for picking up high-quality images.

    Both live video and playback footage will be of a high-quality, so there’ll be no squinting! Our engineers won’t leave unless you’re happy with the clarity of the images.

    Whilst our experts are trained in installing CCTV systems, they’re also skilled with fire and security solutions, and will be able to spot if your building is not catered for in other areas, in addition to CCTV.

    You can have your fire, security and CCTV needs met with one trusted specialist provider.

    The All-in-One Solution

    Do you have multiple fire detection and safety solutions in place? Perhaps you have an intruder alarm, a fire detection alarm system and CCTV within your building? We offer a comprehensive All-in-One service, which we tailor to the products and systems you have in place.

    How your business could benefit from an All-in-One Service:

    • WFP Bullet Full protection – always safe and legally compliant

    • WFP Bullet Less paperwork – only one contract and one renewal

    • WFP Bullet One number to call – less to worry about with one trusted team

    • WFP Bullet Time and energy efficient – systems can be dealt with on the same visit

    • WFP Bullet Best value for money – a built-in discount with the option to pay monthly

    • WFP Bullet 24/7 support - expert advice on the end of the phone at no extra cost

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    SSAIB Security Accreditation

    This SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accreditation demonstrates that WFP Fire & Security is independently audited by the leading certification body for security system services.

    By choosing us to install and/or maintain your commercial CCTV system, you are trusting competent specialists who will provide you with a reliable security solution.

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      WFP serves Essex, London and the Home Counties, covering the majority of South East England. For the right project, WFP will cover further afield. Get in touch today to find out if we cover your location.

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