Doctors Radio Fire Alarm

Doctors radio fire alarm


Earlier this year, we received a call from a Doctors surgery that needed a major update on the fire detection and alarm system. Our consultant was called in to meet with the client, which in this case was actually ‘clients’, we discussed the problems and the requirements of the fire risk assessment and local fire authority. What they had was a very old and inadequate two zone conventional, manually operated fire alarm, this was located in the wrong position, inside a cupboard and was clearly not fit for purpose.


  1. Multiple occupants
  2. Long working hours, including early starts and late finishes
  3. Not long to get the job done

Like lots of doctors surgeries up and down the country, this one has multiple occupants sharing one building, which meant all parties involved had a say in the solutions proposed and more to the point the money being spent.

The surgery is very busy and was opening early, working through the day and closing very late into the evening, they were also working on the weekends, all of which meant that installing a new fire detection and alarm system was in danger of taking forever and being inefficient

The client was aware that now a fire risk assessment had been produced detailing the inadequate fire alarm, that action had to be taken to rectify this quickly


Like lots of clients of ours, the managers at the surgery had not bought a fire alarm for ages, therefore we had to diagnose the issue and propose a cure that would solve the problems.

doctors radio fire alarm


The Doctors radio fire alarm was the cure, for the following reasons;

1. Quick to install as the Doctors radio fire alarm is wireless

2. Less disruption as the Doctors radio fire alarm does not require cables to be installed

3. No other works involved, no redecoration of the building