9, Just on Monday…

This one’s for the sceptics.

Those who believe that fires don’t happen anymore. Or won’t happen to them.

Those who think they only need to carry out all their Fire Safety Duties because the law or their insurance forces them to do so. (Even though it’s a good reason!)


A lot actually.

And – I really hope you never do, but – until you experience it first hand, you’ll never really understand the unforgiving nature of this natural phenomenon.

I stumbled upon a resource the other day from the London Fire Brigade that shows the fire incidents they attend.

Here’s the link if you wanted to take a look:


On Monday this week, there were 9 fire incidents.


That’s just on Monday.

That’s just in London.

And, it’s just the incidents the London Fire Brigade attended.

You may have also seen in the news that Liverpool’s Littlewoods Pools building was engulfed the other night and firefighters were still tackling the blaze at close of play on Monday too.

Fire Still Happens.

I know I talk a lot about this and your thoughts are most probably:

‘Yeah, yeah, Tom. I agree with you. You don’t need to bang on about it so much.’

If that’s your thought process when reading this, then it means I’ve done my job.

But, I don’t want to stop there.

You’ll know people who don’t share the same understanding of fire that you and I do.

You may even know someone who isn’t sure about everything they must do to stay safe and compliant.

If you’ve read this and a friend, colleague or family member has popped to mind, please do send them some information on it. We’ve got piles of (free) info and expert advice here:


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Speak Soon,

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