Your fire alarm service isn’t always at the top of your priority list.

We know that you’ve got bigger and better things to worry about, but it’s also important not to forget about your business or commercial building’s life safety system.

It’s not at the top of your priority list because it doesn’t matter.

It’s not at the top because you hope you’ll never need to rely on it.

But left unmaintained, you’re leaving yourself, your staff and your building exposed to potential harm and also a lot to answer for should you have a spot-check from the fire brigade.

The best thing about working with WFP is that we take the load off, saving you money where possible and reducing the amount you need to worry about.

So, you can get on with what you do best, knowing you have trusted fire and security company keeping you safe and legal. That’s why 95% of our maintenance customers stayed with us last year.


Why make it hard when it can be so simple?


1. Benefit from free, unlimited 24/7 telephone support.


Woman with Bluetooth headpiece and laptop showing telephone support


All of our maintenance customers (not just for fire alarms, but for intruder, CCTV, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting…the list goes on!) benefit from free technical support 24/7, 365!

Why pay for a call-out if we can help you remotely? Need help resetting the alarm? Sure thing. Here at WFP, we believe in helping you learn how to use your system and be comfortable with managing it. We don’t come out very often and our aim is to make sure you are aware of the potential causes of false alarms, and provide you with solutions that don’t cost a thing. But don’t worry – if you’re still experiencing any technical issues, we’ll get an engineer straight out to you.


2. Your contract moves with you.


If you move, you can move the contract with you. We know that some businesses and commercial premises are likely to have leases or may just fancy moving! Your service contract is with you, the company. What’s more, if you do move, we can help you get your new premises in tiptop condition to keep you safe and legal. You can organise a fire risk assessment of your new premises to scope out whether it’s up to British Standards for fire safety.


3. Take advantage of pay-monthly options.


WFP offers pay monthly solutions, giving you more control over your finances. Fire alarm maintenance is something you’re always going to need, so to make life a little easier for you, the option’s there for you to take advantage of. There’s no extra charges, just your yearly cost divided by 12 months – easy peasy!


4. You can fix your contract price for 3 or 5 years.


More and more of our customers are taking advantage of 3 and 5 year contracts, giving them even more control of their finances! From a business perspective, it’s reassuring to know the costs you’re facing in the coming years. Think you might be trapped into staying with us for the full 3 or 5 years if you decided to leave us? Wrong! Obviously, we hope you’ll never want to leave us, but we’d never rope you into anything – that’s not the WFP ethos. If you were a couple of years into a 5 year contract, you’d only be outstanding for the year you’re currently in (the same way as if you were on a one-year contract).


5. Choose from four maintenance packages for your fire alarm service.


WFP knows that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ maintenance package, so we’ve created four for you to choose from: Basic, Basic+, Premium and Premium+. The type of package that suits you will depend on the size, scope and needs of your building, plus your own personal preferences. In addition to these packages, we can tailor your needs further – your priorities will always come first!


6. You’ll stay safe and legal with a five-star rated, BAFE provider.


WFP is BAFE approved to design, install, commission and maintain fire alarm systems. Plus we’ve been rated 5 stars by a number of businesses and commercial buildings across the South East; from schools, churches and hotels to shopping centres, offices and factories.


7. You’ll experience fewer false alarms thanks to high-quality engineering.


The whole idea of maintenance is that if you’re looking after your system properly with people who have a vested interest in your safety, then you should experience fewer false alarms and faults. Your fire alarm maintenance visit occurs twice a year, and in between those visits the aim is that you won’t have reoccurring problems. We’ll always advise if your system is in need of a replacement or upgrade should you need one following any ongoing problems – we’ve got your back!


8. WFP can maintain all of your fire and security products/systems.


All-in-One diagram by WFP showing multiple services


We don’t just do fire alarms! We can look after all of your fire and security solutions, including your fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, intruder alarm, CCTV – and so much more! So, that’s one number to call for all of your fire and security needs! Plus, it’ll be time, money and energy efficient dealing with one company instead of several to sort out your various products and systems.


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