EMS 5000 System

EMS 5000 System

What is an EMS 5000 System?

The EMS 5000 System Fire Point is a commercial radio fire alarm that has been on the market for 15 years, it has had to be withdrawn because it doesn’t comply with European CPR (Construction Products Regulation), which came into force in 2013.

This has, therefore, lead to the EMS 5000 Fire Point becoming OBSOLETE!

EMS 5000 Systems are no longer available

DON’T PANIC – You are still safe… for now

This means that the EMS 5000 system cannot be ordered from a supplier and therefore leaves sites that have an EMS 5000 Fire Point installed with a dilemma…

What to do now…

I have an EMS 5000! – What do I do now?

If you currently have an EMS 5000 Fire Point in use at your premises, don’t worry, your system is still legal as the standards are not retrospective unless you are making changes to your site and therefore system.

This means you cannot extend the current system and when the device goes faulty, it is not possible to replace parts.

It is highly recommended that you replace this system as soon as possible to avoid having to replace it at an unplanned time.


Planning is Everything!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

As the quote above states, it is absolutely essential to make sure you plan thoroughly when making the next decision on your EMS 5000 System. Whether you are thinking of just replacing for a similar system, keeping the old until it completely dies (this is not recommended) or upgrading to a better system, make sure a comprehensive survey is carried out at your premises and from more than one organisation.

Worth Your Time?

Here’s what Farrida had to say about our customers service.

“I really appreciated the call back from Mr Field. He was very helpful and clear about the services provided even though I was unable to take out a new contract. He advised me on the different types of systems and options that I had and reassured me that I wasn’t in as bad a predicament as I initially thought. Very professional. Thank you.” – Farrida

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Making changes to your EMS 5000?

It is important to change your EMS 5000 System as soon as possible.

This means you will avoid having to replace the whole system completely at an unexpected time.

If you are making changes at your premises, there are a few options for you to think about regarding your EMS system:

What are your options?

Option 1
Repair the system until it can no longer be repaired, by leaving your EMS 5000 system in place as is. This is not recommended and even though this may look like the cheaper option now, in the long-run costs will pile up for repairing the same system until the day comes when it is no longer repairable.

Option 2
Keep your EMS 5000 system in place and extend it by adding a Fire Cell add-on to the system using the EMS interface. This can be cos-effective if you do not want to replace the whole system right now, it will prolong the life of the system but will still need to be replaced at some point.

Option 3
Completely replace your EMS 5000 System for a brand new system. The sooner you replace your EMS 5000 for a new one, the safer and more relaxed you will feel and be. Not only that, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that your premises are all in a good state. Replacing your EMS 5000 system may initially seem like the more expensive option, however, you will save a lot more time and money in the long-run from less call-outs, parts and labour costs.

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