Weekly Fire Alarm Test

Weekly Fire Alarm Test

All commercial properties require a Fire Detection & Alarm System. Once in place, to comply with UK Fire Safety Law, this must be maintained at least once every 6 months, then it’s up to you to carry out your Weekly Fire Alarm Test.

This Life Safety System must then be tested every week.

This entails picking a different call point to test each week, recording this test and repeating the test weekly.

This is something that the responsible person must carry out, not the maintenance provider. So if this is you, ensure you know and understand everything you are required to do.

However, if you’re unsure about what a weekly fire alarm test is, or if you are not confident with your system, then this important test can be easily overlooked, putting lives at risk and leaving the responsible person liable if anything were to go wrong.

In a commercial building, you are required to test your fire system each week.

In order to carry out your weekly fire alarm test, you must:

  1. Contact your monitoring company (only necessary if your fire alarm is monitored). – TOP TIP: Once you’ve completed the test, ask them if they received the signal.
  2. Put your panel into test mode.
  3. Pick a call point to test
    NOTE: You must pick a different call point each week, once all have been tested, retest them again.
  4. Operate the call point.
  5. At this point, the alarm should have sounded.
  6. Return to your panel and press the ‘Silence’ button.
  7. Then once you are happy that the call point has been reset, you may then reset the panel.

A short video of James showing how to test your call point. It is something that should be carried out weekly and as shown in the video, it takes less than 2 minutes.

This test must be:

  • carried out each week.
  • recorded after each test in a logbook
  • carried out on a different call point each week

You’ll get to know your panel better too!

Want to know more about staying compliant? Here’s a link to our page on Fire Alarm Maintenance for further reading on the subject.

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