Fire Detection Systems

Staying legal

Fire detection systems are designed to protect life, property or both, BS5839 Part 1 2017 details the levels of coverage, read on to find out how this affect you.

I am often asked “what do I need to be legal” and the answer is simple, well not really. The good news is that you are reading this and I know that at the very least I can help you get through the various stages to choosing a cost effective long term fire detection system.

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To be legal you are going to need;

1. A fire risk assessment to detail what type of fire detection systems you need
2. A BAFE SP203 approved fire detection systems company (such as WFP)
3. You will benefit greatly from accurate drawings to design you fire detection systems
4. You will need a design to be created, otherwise any tender will differ in quantity and make it difficult to compare costs
5. You must consider the manufacturer of equipment as this will cost you a great deal of money if you choose unwisely, the golden rule is to make sure that any BAFE SP203 company or your choosing can fully maintain the fire detection system you choose.

fire detection systems

Help is at hand for your fire detection systems

You will probably only buy a fire detection system once every ten years so please feel free to call us, I or my colleagues are ready to advise you.

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Paul Field
Head of Fire Detection Systems
WFP Fire & Security

PS Don’t tell anyone but I’ve written a book on this, which details how to buy a commercial fire detection system, call today and I might be able to find a copy especially for you (the only person to read the PS)

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