10 months: Too lenient?

Shopkeeper not acting on advice jailed for 10 months

I recently read an article about someone being jailed for ignorance towards fire safety advice.

The individual was given a prohibition notice (the most draconian form of sanction) by the fire safety officer. This is where ‘there is a serious risk of injury or death and the risk is imminent.’

Albeit it an extreme example, I have pulled some takeaways from it below.

There are 3 things that are worth sharing with you:

  • The responsible person did not act on the Fire Risk Assessment. – He thought that just having it carried out would keep him safe and legally compliant.
  • He received 10 months jail sentence for his failure to act upon advice from the fire safety officer. His excuse for which was he didn’t know…
  • And finally, Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to life safety.

This individual did not take his life safety responsibility seriously enough and paid the price for it.

The principle is similar to that of an engineer attending site and recommending works to be carried out.

Recommendations from specialists like this are to be taken seriously.

Admittedly the example above is an extreme one, but the message is still the same; when recommendations are made about life safety systems, they need to be acted upon.

If you were recommended to carry works out – at the risk of sounding predictable – I would highly recommend you carry this out.

Once the recommendation has been pointed out by the engineer to you, you take full responsibility.

Here’s the full article if you have an extra couple minutes to have a read.


Stay Safe,

Tom Patel
Head of Compliance
WFP Fire & Security
01277 622 932

PS. It’s essential that any advice you receive from a reputable source is acted upon with haste. If you would like to find out more about Fire Risk Assessments and whether you need one or not, head over to the link below where answers to your questions are waiting.

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