The Last Call – EMS 5000

The EMS 5000 system’s current situation

This radio fire system was made obsolete in July 2013 which was due to a constructions product directive (CPR), which meant that EMS (the system’s manufacturer) are not allowed to manufacture any new parts for additions to existing systems.

What they did to mitigate this at the time was to stockpile £1M of product to be sold through a wholesaler and this stock was allowed to be resold into the marketplace, the stock ran out in the middle of 2014. Therefore there is no legal way to obtain additional parts for the system from the manufacturer.

But what if you have an EMS 5000 System?


EMS committed to repairing any faulty part until 2018 unless components were withdrawn prior to that date.

Our Advice to you

Plan to replace the system and repair faults in the meantime.

There are some limited works that you can consider with existing systems however these are often considered impracticable by our customers such as;

  1. You can install an ‘EMS Firecell’ interface module that can be connected to the call-point input in the fire alarm panel. You can then connect some new devices to the interface, however, the only information you would have on the fire panel is ‘Zone 1’ and will therefore be limited in use.
  2. It is possible to run a relay from the sounder output on the panel, although this is a non-programmable output and can be impractical in some cases.

The above assumes that these are not already being used, but could cut off a short term solution to your boiler linking.


Our recommendation

In practice, it would be more useful to install a new system beside the EMS 5000 and link the two systems on a temporary basis and eventually replace the EMS 5000 devices with Firecell until you can remove the old system completely, that way you get some value for the money you have spent.



We have seen EMS 5000 devices being sold on EBAY and there are quite a few recycled parts in the marketplace.

We strongly advise you to avoid using these or any additional parts on the EMS 5000 system as these will, at best, have been sat on someone’s shelf for a number of years, they will have no warranty and usage of these could affect your insurance as they are obsolete and shortly will be unsupported.

Please note that if a device has been sent for a repair it comes back with a limited warranty but is restricted to items that were originally on the site in question.

If you or your clients would like an unbiased opinion on this then please get in touch or pass on my details.

Paul Field
Managing Director
WFP Fire & Security
01277 622 932

We have been installing the EMS 5000 system since 2004 until its withdrawal in 2013 and have a great number of sites we support.

Radio systems need proactive support and if faults are not attended to they can often cost your and your clients lots of money in avoidable repair bills.

PS. Here is the link to the statement the 5000 on EMS’s website.

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