Radio Fire Alarms FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)Radio Fire Alarms FAQ

EMS Fire-Cell and System 5000 with alkaline batteries

It is vitally important that you as user of these types of systems are aware that the devices powered by alkaline batteries have these batteries changed promptly once they had been fully used. Failure to remove these batteries will often result in the battery leaking, which will ultimately damage the devices which will be costly to replace or repair.

Radio Fire alarms FAQ

  1. How long will the battery last for?
    This is typically 4-5 years although this depends on a number of factors, which can severely impact the power sage  including;

    1. The radio infrastructure upon initial installation (If this is installed incorrectly then the device can turn up its radio strength and use more power)
    2. The age of the device
    3. The specific type of the device
  2. Will they always leak?
    Yes, after time, it is inevitable.
  3. How much does a battery cost
    Approximately £2.20 per smoke detector
  4. How much does a replacement radio smoke detector cost?
    Approximately £250
  5. How will I know that the batteries are empty?
    The system will go into fault and you have 30 days to rectify
  6. Do I have to change all of the batteries in all devices?
    Generally its recommended to keep the changes in sync, although its best to discuss this with us at the time.

Please note that this Radio Fire Alarms FAQ’s is general advice and that you should contact us for more specific advice about the management of your system.

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