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As your problem solvers, we are always growing and growing fast,
therefore we might not have all the team on the page right now,
but don’t worry they will be added soon!

Evie R – Service Desk Administrator. Hi, I’m Evie and if you can get addicted to TopGolf then I definitely am – if you know any Top Golf Anonymous groups around then let me know!

I also USED to be a vegetarian until one day I decided to try a bacon roll and my world was blown apart. If I could time travel I’d go back seven years and never give the stuff up! I can help you with your repair quoting and maintenance advice.

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Paul F – Managing Director. I’m Paul and I’m the guy in charge. I do…pretty much everything! My favourite thing in the world is making people happy, and I’ll do everything I can to do it.

Outside of work I swim a mile most mornings and I’ve just taken up kickboxing classes with my youngest daughter – hopefully I’ll be taught how to defend myself against her!

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Tom P – Marketer. Hi, I’m Tom and I’m responsible for the marketing; writing emails, tinkering with the websites and working on our brand. If you want to talk marketing, then I’m the guy to talk to.

I love sports but don’t like hot drinks (hey, it means I don’t ever have to make a round) and always see the funny side of things – sometimes to my detriment. My catchphrase is ‘great shout’, so if you ever visit WFP Towers just listen out for that and you’ll find me…

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John L – Engineer. I’m John and I work for Reliable Fire – I’ve been working with WFP for nearly five years. I specialise in fire extinguishers – if you need any technical support with yours, I’m your man.

In my spare time I like spending time on caravanning holidays with my family and volunteering at the local scouts.

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Paul B – Engineer. I’m another engineer in the WFP family, and family’s exactly what’s important to me. I love spending time with my wife and my three boys. I love American sports as well as a cheeky bit of gaming.

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Scott – Contracts Manager. Hi, I'm Scott and I’m the contracts and projects manager. I have been in the industry for more years than I can count on both hands, and yes I have the ordinary number of fingers and thumbs. I have a passion for cars and could talk for hours about them. Get in touch if you have any project or new installation queries, I look forward to hearing from you.

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Vicki L – Service Desk Team Leader.

I’m Vicki and I work with Daisy and Evie, keeping them in line whilst simultaneously stopping Evie slope off to TopGolf and Daisy spending all her money on baubles.

I create and send all the invoices, so if you’ve got any questions in that department, I’m your gal.

Outside of work, horses are my passion.

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Tim I – Engineer I’m Tim, another engineer and the brains behind the feedback cards our customers receive after the work we do.

I’m an unashamed early riser and seldom wake up later than 5am (even on weekends). Also, I love rugby, so when the Six Nations comes around, get in touch and you can be sure of some banter!

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Barry L – General Manager. Hi, I’m Barry and I’m the general manager – I generally manage what goes on around here! As well as delivering a lot of in-house training, I take enquiries too, so if you need training or help with anything, then drop me a line.

When I’m not at work, I’m working up a sweat in a Clubbercise class.

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Greg J – Engineer. Hi Greg here, I’m one of the engineers here, which means I can help you with technical support and whatever else you need to make your alarms run smoothly. You can usually find me pictured in the monthly newsletter handing the word search winner their prize.

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