Intruder alarms FAQs

Intruder alarm maintenance 


intruder alarm faqs Q1. how often should you service an intruder alarm? The answer depends on the risk and what you are using the system for, however the general rule is
  • Bells only systems - Once a year
  • Monitored systems - Twice a year
Q2. What is a bells...
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Extremely Professional

9th April 2015

WFP Fire and Security have been part of our supply chain for many years. We have found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Their pricing is competitive and we look forward to working with them again in...

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Too sensitive?

Is your smoke detector at home too sensitive?

Preparing your evening meal and suddenly your smoke detector goes off?

too sensitive You are now running around in your house frantically waving a towel at your noisy smoke detector. The result is often taking batteries out for now, which leaves...
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Health and Safety Squirrel Crackers

Health and safety squirrel crackers

Health and Safety Squirrel At the WFP secret bunker , we are always keeping an eye on the latest changes in legislation, you'd be surprised what we find sometimes. The governments drive to reduce red-tape has turned up some seemingly ridiculous laws including; Health and...
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